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Adding Plant Variety

When you enter a variety of a plant, you will need to check wether the following dependent information is already present:

Is the Plant Species this variety belongs to in the database?

Are all the tools you need to care for this plant mentioned?

Is all material needed to care for this species mentioned?

Are all possible problems with this plant species mentioned?

And all preferred pest / disease control methods?

And all last resort pest control methods?

If you added any item, please RELOAD this page before entering a new variety.

If you want to edit a plant variety, click here

Plant Varieties

Main information

Plant Type
Ideal Position
Sowing Type



Rows per bed (80 cm)

In-row Spacing

Take into account bed width of 80cm


If this variety is a one-off harvest, please enter 7
0 for non-one-off plants




Sowing Interval Supplier
Planting Out Interval Supplier
Harvest Interval Supplier




Type of Cover
Greenhouse SOWING Interval Supplier
For full
Greenhouse TRANSPLANTING Interval Supplier
For full
Greenhouse HARVEST Interval Supplier
For full


Outside (field)

Inside (greenhouse)

Storage and Transport

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Maximum file size: 134.22MB