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Plant Species

Species Type of Plant
Anise Herb
Arugula Leaf vegetable
Basil Herb
Beans Pods
Beet greens Leaf vegetable
Beets Root vegetable
Bittercress Herb
Bok Choy Leaf vegetable
Borage Herb
Broad Bean Pods
Broccoli Leaf vegetable
Brussel sprouts Head
Cabbage Head
Cabbage for Leaf Leaf vegetable
Caraway Herb
Carrots Root vegetable
Cauliflower Head
Celeriac Root vegetable
Celery Leaf vegetable
Chicory / Endive Root vegetable
Chives Herb
Coreander Herb
Courgette Fruit vegetable
Cucumber Fruit vegetable
Dill Herb
Fennel Root vegetable
Fenugreek Herb
Garden Cress Leaf vegetable
Garden Orache Leaf vegetable
Garlic Root vegetable
Gherkin Fruit vegetable
Hyssop Herb
Kale Leaf vegetable
Kohlrabi Root vegetable
Leaf Mustard Leaf vegetable
Leek Root vegetable
Lemon Balm Herb
Lettuce head Leaf vegetable
Lettuce No Head (loose) Leaf vegetable
Lovage Herb
Melon Fruit vegetable
Onion Root vegetable
Oregano Herb
Parsley Herb
Peas Pods
Pepper (hot) Fruit vegetable
Pepper (sweet) Fruit vegetable
Physalis Fruit vegetable
Physalis Fruit vegetable
Pumpkin butternut Fruit vegetable
Purslane Leaf vegetable
Radish Root vegetable
Rutabaga Root vegetable
Sage Herb
Scorzonera Root vegetable
Shallot Root vegetable
Snow Pea Pods
Sorrel Herb
Spinach Leaf vegetable
Squash Fruit vegetable
Summer Savory Herb
Sweet Corn Fruit vegetable
Swiss Chard Leaf vegetable
Tatsoi Leaf vegetable
Thyme Herb
Tomato cherry Fruit vegetable
Tomato Commercial Fruit vegetable
Tomato heirloom Fruit vegetable
Turnip / Parsnip Root vegetable
Valerianella Leaf vegetable
Watermelon Fruit vegetable

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