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Plant Care Material

Plant Care Material

These is the material available in the database:

Material Where is this stored?
Cloche HortaLab Main
Module Seed Tray 60 HortaLab Outeiro
Horticultural Fleece with wire frame HortaLab Main
Vermiculite HortaLab Outeiro
Stakes Loja da Vaca
Twine (garden wire) HortaLab Main
Insect cloth HortaLab Main
Mulch HortaLab Main, Loja da Vaca
Box for harvest
Shade cloth HortaLab Main
Plastic row cover HortaLab Outeiro
Hoops for polytunnel Storage
Irrigation tube 40mm Candosa Shed
Irrigation tube 16mm Warehouse Outeiro, Candosa Shed

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